June 5, 2009

Jeff Toro gets three-year prison term for molesting 13-year-old child

By Ryan McCarthy, Appeal-Democrat
Jeff Toro police booking photo

June 5, 2009

Jeffrey Scott Toro was sentenced today in Sutter County (Calif.) Superior Court to three years in prison for molesting a 13-year-old girl who had been a babysitter for his children.

The girl in a letter to the court wrote that because of Toro's crime, "I was forced to grow up, to learn new words like 'molest.'"

"No one should ever go through that. Ever," she stated. "The only way to make it stop is putting people like Jeff in prison."

The girl told her parents about what Vacaville resident Toro, 33, had done Feb. 22, 2008 when he came to the family home.

"It's time for this nightmare for my daughter and our family to come to an end," the girl's father said in court before Toro was sentenced. "May the sword of justice penetrate the depths of his disgusting soul."

Toro's final words to 13-year-old girl after the molestation were "To be continued," the father said.

Judge Chris Chandler sentenced Toro to prison.

"There is no doubt," Chandler said, that the defendant "took advantage of a position of trust" in committing the crime.

While Toro has expressed remorse, the judge added, it is for getting caught rather what he did to the victim.

In court Toro said, "I'd like the healing to begin today" after his apology - "too little, too late," Toro said - for his actions.

Toro's parents wrote that their son is a dedicated husband who has helped coach a youth baseball program and umpired Little League.

"Jeff made an error in judgment," they said of their son's behavior, "but he did so with a great heart."

Toro's wife stated that the prospect of her husband going to prison is overwhelming.


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